The Making of iMiddle

Devil Ducklings?

The Devil Duckling Competition team at the 2009 FTC regional event.

Devil Duckling helps fix the robot at the 2009 FTC regionale went.


Innovation Middle School (iMiddle)

The Devil Duckies presented to their school board to convince them to change their struggling local “feeder” middle school into a science and technology based school. Their campaign was successful, and in 2008 iMiddle School opened.

The Devil Duckies were able to cover start-up funds for an FTC team at Middle, and the newly formed team 3330 opted to name themselves “The Devil Ducklings”. Team 1266 mentored the Ducklings throughout the year, touring them through our campus lab, visiting their school to help with building and programming, and hosted them as they worked on their robot in our engineering classroom during the FRC 72-hour Robot Expo at Madison High.

Devil Duckies Team helps Devil Ducklings make buttons, for their new robotics team


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